How the 9/11 Agenda Borrows from the Extraterrestrial Intelligence Contact Project

Steen Hjortsoe

Revised 16 April 2018

Does exoplanet science have a future beyond the detection of biosignatures ?  (1) Charles S. Cockell

It is increasingly dawning upon the global civilian society including the Americans themselves that the objective of the false flag operation of 9/11 was to confront America with a sort of revival of the Pearl Harbor disaster (, which could ensuingly recreate the national unity,  continue USA’s global military dominion while procuring appropriations and orders to military contractors and the mushrooming armament and intelligence industry.

David Ray Griffin was quickly joined by many observers  ( to whom it was fairly apparent after the 11 September 2001 that the outrageous government fabricated spectacle pretending that America was being attacked by Arab terrorists acting on their own did not agree with the facts.

Three presidents presiding over the government agencies which planned the 9/11 agenda and brought it to fruition.

That the entire disgraceful deception was instead a state-terroristic false flag operation orchestrated by the American government itself appears with a high degree of certainty from the data obtained by comparing  the collapse of WTC building 7 with a controlled demolition of an ordinary high-rise building as well as the evidence of pre-placed, shape-charged explosives in the wall of the Pentagon:

Two competing world orders

Curiously, and testifying to an America divided against itself, the 9/11 project is not the only world order project America is running. Another large-scale project, the secret CIA Extraterrestrial Intelligence Contact (ETIC) project, has gained momentum recently. The ETIC  project is an attempt,  initially reluctant not to say half-hearted, to establish extraterrestrial contact through analysis of the electromagnetic patterns (radio waves) in the unique time-reversal scenario established on Doomsday,  see below.

The pattern of highly improper competition beween two CIA projects is basically a well-known CIA exercise. For example, studying CIA behaviour before and after the military coup in the Philippines in 1986, Alfred McCoy (2) characterizes the American conduct as double dealing carefully designed to procure the CIA a maximum of influence, whether one or the other conspiring group would gain the upper hand, as president Ferdinand Marcos was ousted from power.

Le grand écart (doing the splits) riding on two horses seemed an elegant Washington exercise some decades ago, but, alas, the world changes, and when the two horses are not so easily controlled any more, elegance will give way to vulnerability.

Whereas the hidden agenda of the 9/11 hoax appears to be designed to perpetuate the old global order dominated by the American military, the ETIC project, in its turn, represents a badly needed attempt to reach and transgress the threshold of a new galactic world thereby upgrading the status of the entire global civilian society from a direly imperiled stand-alone existence to being integrated in an amazingly robust, long-lasting galactic network of civilizations.

Doomsday has not yet supervened, and the reason is stated with embarrassing clarity by William Hartung in the paper below. Evidently, Washington would like the 9/11 agenda to harvest maximum profit from the risky stakes and extort the ultimate of the abundant advantages it got the voracious business companies and military contractors unceasingly after 11 September 2001:

When the present, already quite conspicuous public outrage before long has reached a critical mass, the unalterable supervening occurrence of Doomsday will release the immediate revelation of the true inwardness of the 9/11 hoax. The check from 9/11 will then be claimed paid, the sooner the better in the public eye. It is a huge invoice involving the blowback from the 3,000 persons murdered by the American government, who would like to defer the payment as long as possible. The implication is that Doomsday is postponed year after year, decade after decade. The desire from the quite extensive circle of persons and organisations who were involved in 9/11 to obtain reiterated deferral or even remission of the long outstanding debt means, that they resist tooth and nail all attempts to transgress the threshold of a new, demilitarized and equalized global society.

Deferral of debt is not granted to everybody. You are supposed to have a certain confidence-inspiring standing. CIA, the planner and executor of 9/11 and the managing director of the world’s drug trade and associated organised crime

claims to have achieved this standing through the, actually usurped, position as manager of the ETIC project.

As the revelations of state misdemeanour will overflow the immediate post-apocalyptic period, the hope of the pathetic American government is that the shattering power of the political calamity will recede if  Washington can get away with balking the global civilian society out of its right to a new society by deferring the Apocalypse till once in the 2020s. There will then already be a lot of young people who cannot remember 9/11.

Doomsday means extraterrestrial intelligence contact

On Doomsday, an atom-bomb carrying missile will be sent against Israel. At the moment of detonation, the detonation energy will be utilized to ignite a global electromagnetic pulse, which, in its turn, will revert the global time while negating the potentially destructive effect of the atom bomb.

It is quite difficult to dig out information about the unique space-time scenario on Doomsday from the non-classified literature. This writer has, through the years, pieced together titbits of information, among others from the (guarded) Danish army  intelligence  headquarters at Sandagergaard in Copenhagen, perceived directly as radiofrequency-conveyed messages. Shan Gao’s book (3) emphasizing the link between human consciousness and faster-than-light communication was also useful. While expressing himself to the contrary, even the reservations Charles S. Cockell has towards galactic communication (4) hint at the crux of the matter, where the answer to the riddle of galactic intelligence contact is to be found: “We know from Kepler Space Telescope data that the nearest habitable planets are tens to thousands light years away. Even if one was to assume that they host intelligent civilizations, efforts to communicate with them, let alone physically visit them, and they visit us,  would be multi-century to millennia projects. If the speed of light is the limit of our rate of travel (my emphasis, S.H.) – then no amount of optimism and technology will make these time scales more sensible.”

It is, conversely, jointly hypothesized by many intelligence services including the CIA, that exactly objections like those raised by prof. Cockell clearly indicate that the speed of light cannot be the limit of galactic communication, and that, faced with other potentialities, this ostensible constraint can, indeed, be considered anti-intuitive. The same intelligence services have developed a (classified) physical space-time scenario of Doomsday, which is based on careful reflections upon the version of the Fermi paradox suggesting “they” (the ETI) are here, that “they” are benevolent, parent-type participants in the galactic community and that electromagnetic patterns (radio waves) deliberately embedded in the unique time-reversal scenario on Doomsday will be recordable and decipherable for skilled radio scientists on this planet.


When it is still feasible for the 9/11 agenda to borrow from, sponge on the extraterrestrial intelligence contact project, it is for a large part due to the slow development of the global consciousness.  It is simply mentally difficult for many people to let go of a religious expectation involving the belief that a cataclysmic change of the global society will have a divine provenience and that only. It takes (some) time to adapt intellectually to the idea  that as coming of age we can  and should basically co-decide ourselves, when Doomsday is to occur. The intuitive insight that with a high degree of probability there will be a treasure of information embedded in the unique space-time scenario on Doomsday of vital importance for the solution to common global problems prompts us to insist on bringing about and transgressing this situation through our own active efforts.

The CIA double dealing is unacceptable for our global society in dire need of readily supervening qualified solutions to a host of global issues. Conversely, there is no reason to assume that the expertise required to decipher the information in wait for us on Doomsday should be a CIA prerogative. There are even European, Chinese, Russian and other competent analysts available who can perform this task with exactly the same degree of accuracy as the CIA.

The conclusion is that the infinitely patient and remarkably generous – indeed, for the American weapons industry wonderfully lucrative – world-wide wait, faced with the other extreme in world politics, severe global poverty, the daily creation of war victims and refugees in dire distress, is an unbearable, intolerable, pornographic disgrace. There ought to be louder and louder daily protests against the CIA that planned the 9/11 hoax, which subsequently caused millions of casualties (5).

We demand that the protracted 9/11 agenda be discontinued in favour of the global agenda our planet needs.




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Author: Steen Hjortsoe

Steen Hjortsoe is a Copenhagen-based political writer and radiofrequency-slave/target person.

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